Finding the right foundation for your skin is a universal problem. Certain things can help you find the perfect one for you. While some of these tricks are age-old, some new products allow you to experiment with colors and textures to get the look right. It does not matter what kind of skin you have, the right foundation is certainly out there. These are a few points to remember when choosing a foundation.

  • Know your skin undertone
    There is a difference between the undertone of the skin and the complexion. People often mistake one for the other, which results in a bad choice of foundation. One of the easiest ways to figure out your undertone is to check the kind of jewelry that suits you. If you think only silver jewelry suits you, you may want to stick to a cool (pink) undertone. Similarly, if you look the best in gold jewelry, then you may want to stick with warm (yellow) undertones.
  • Your wrist will not tell you if a foundation suits you
    It is always best to take advantage of a sample and test, before you buy it. When you test it, use your jawline rather than your wrist. On the other hand, if your forehead is a little more tanned, we suggest you test it on your forehead. Always make sure you test it in natural light (if possible). Ideally, the foundation must totally disappear into your skin. Try a few shades side-by-side. This will make the right choice obvious to you. This is one of the points to remember when choosing a foundation.
  • Let your skin-type guide you
    One of the best points to remember when choosing a foundation is to let your skin type guide you. Do you have dry skin? Make sure you pick up a liquid-based foundation or one that is bound to moisturize your skin. A powder foundation works best for oily skin. It will help give your face a matte finish by absorbing the excess shine. Combination skin needs a little more care. However, you cannot go wrong with a powder-based foundation as you can dab a little extra on the oily parts of your face.
  • Understand what you need
    Sometimes, you need to understand what kind of a look you would like. If you are proud of your freckles, choose a light coverage foundation. Better still, use a tinted moisturizer like a BB or CC cream. On the other hand, if you like to cover it up, opt for full coverage foundations. You can experiment with a medium coverage foundation for an air-brushed look.

There are many ways to achieve that flawless look you desire. Think about the look you need, look for the right products, and have fun.