Essential oils are oils extracted from herbs and plants and are used in different ways around the world. Some oils help elevate the mood while others can solve skin problems. Did you know that these essential oils are also beneficial for pets? The various uses of essential oils for pets you should know about are

Skin Infection Treatment
On the list of the various uses of essential oils for pets, skin infections are the most common reason why people opt for these oils. A skin infection can be a result of food allergies, external irritants, or climate changes. You can try using essential oils such as chamomile, myrrh, cedarwood, or neem externally on the coat and skin to help get rid of mild infections. Make sure you always dilute it with a carrier oil before application and do a patch test first.

Easing Mental Stress and Irritation
Some dogs and cats suddenly get aggressive or show signs of distress, especially when they are taken to a new place or when they meet new people. Clary sage is a great oil that helps soothe mental and emotional stress. Sweet marjoram is also another oil to help calm dogs. Chamomile oil is, in fact, used in vet-approved calming products available over the counter.

Fighting Flea Infestations
On the list of the various uses of essential oils for pets, fighting flea infestations cannot be ignored. Fleas are bugs that act as parasites and live on the skin of dogs and cats. These thrive by sucking blood from the skin of the animal. You can use diluted rosemary oil, neem oil, or cedarwood oil to repel these fleas from the skin of your pets. These naturally help mainttain pest-free pet skin.

Irrespective of how well you groom your pets, they can smell weird, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Many essential oils such as sweet orange, eucalyptus, and lavender help your pets smell pleasant and lovely. These oils can be applied on their skin.

Healing Wounds and Abrasions
Some essential oils can also help heal common wounds and abrasions on your pet’s skin. This is especially useful for dogs that keep getting into trouble at home. You can use oils such as helichrysum, chamomile, carrot seed, and thyme to treat mild skin infections and wounds too. These are natural and completely safe on the skin of your pets. However, it is always advisable to do a patch test before applying any new oil on your pet’s skin.

All these various uses of essential oils for pets are amazing since these oils are completely natural and organic to use. Some essential oils are harmful to pets, you should know which ones before you try out a new oil. Always consult your vet before you try an essential oil on your pets.