Smart car buyers often look for models that are small and compact and yet, let them drive and ride in comfort and stretch out when needed. Considering this, here are some of the best compact cars with most space that you can check out. All of these models are available in the US and are the latest in technology and other specs. You can compare them too to make a sound and informed buying decision.

  • Subaru WRX
    Priced at $27,495, this is one of the compact cars with most space that is also among the most expensive models out there. The Subaru WRX is stylish and peppy owing to its turbocharged four-cylinder engines. It offers great handling, thanks to its standard all-wheel drive. The seats are extremely spacious and comfortable with lots of rear leg and headroom. The trunk space is just big enough to hold your grocery, and that’s it. The WRX is by and large a driver’s car and one that the driver will be in love with.
  • Volkswagen GTI
    Priced at $28,595, the Volkswagen GTI is an essentially sharp and clever package that comes with robust performance. It’s a practical hatchback with a great interior and exterior look. Both the rows have just enough space for adults to sit in utter comfort. The car provides 22.8 cubic feet of space, and the seats are foldable to reveal a total of 52.7 cubic feet. The use of upscale materials in the design is praiseworthy too.
  • 2020 Kia Forte
    A must-mention model among compact cars with most space, the Kia Forte, is a well-rounded sedan with lots of useful features. The tech is user-friendly, and the seating is highly comfortable for such a compact model. The four-cylinder engine can be upgraded to a turbo-four by the buyer. Apart from the seating, the cargo space is impressive too, and the trunk can also accommodate about 15.3 cubic feet of gear. The price of the model is $17,890, which is quite competitive too.
  • Mazda3
    Priced at $21,500, this is a compact cars with most space and is also fun to drive in. There are two variations available – hatchback and sedan. The rear LED and headroom are comfortably placed. The enthusiastic four-cylinder engine offers a fair performance too.
  • 2020 Nissan Sentra
    Priced at $19,090, this is yet another small and compact car that does not compromise its passengers’ comfort. The model has been redesigned and newly launched in 2020. This reinvented model has a number of safety features along with an interior space that buyers and Nissan lovers loved in particular.

With these compact cars with most space, you can surely get the dream car that perfectly caters to your requirements and make the most of your investment in it.