With the advancement in technology, the auto industry has witnessed the revolutionary change over the years. One such innovative invention is autonomous or driverless vehicles. With the latest technology and startling features, these vehicles are all set to rule the roads. Autonomous vehicles are fitted with sensors, algorithms, robotic learning systems, software, and functional processors that help these vehicles sense the surroundings and do everything that a normal car does without any human control. Let’s read about the pros and cons of autonomous vehicles to know more about them.


  • Less chance of human error
    Since these cars are fitted with advanced technology, the robotic features make it very easy for the computer to spot a motorbike that human eyes could miss. There is a reduced chance of human errors in autonomous vehicles and hence fewer road accidents.
  • No drink and drive
    Since no human is on the driver’s seat, the risk of drunk driving will be reduced.
  • No need to learn driving anymore
    So what if you don’t know how to drive a car? You can still own a car that doesn’t need a driver and can run on its own. These autonomous vehicles will be beneficial to the differently abled, elderly people and those who cannot drive a car.
  • No road rage incidents
    Autonomous cars are fitted with high performing complex algorithms that allow it to maintain a specific distance from other vehicles. Due to this coding, there would be fewer drivers indulging in road rage incidents.

A deep understanding of various pros and cons of autonomous vehicles will help you make a wise choice. Now, let’s read about a few cons of these driverless cars:


  • Technical knowledge is necessary
    Although these computer-driven cars don’t need any human intervention, yet having a knowledge and understanding of technology is very crucial to operate these autonomous cars.
  • Too high on budget
    Unless these autonomous cars become a norm, they will be far too costly for an average American to afford.
  • Road accidents
    Certain road accidents can be avoided because of these autonomous cars, yet the chances of accidents due to technical fault will rise. For instance, you update your vehicle’s software, and due to some coding default, it might lead to more serious accidents than the ones caused by human drivers.
  • Disobeying traffic rules
    As traffic rules change over time, it might be challenging to teach a computer to abide by the changing traffic rules.

As major car manufacturing companies are gearing up to launch their vehicles in the market, it is becoming crucial to know about the pros and cons of autonomous vehicles to make a beneficial choice.