Think makeup, and an image of lipstick pops up in your head! Well, lipsticks are an important part of makeup, and it is hard to imagine stepping out without applying some color on those lips. You may have used umpteen lipsticks depending on your age and social presence. However, there are several lipstick mistakes we all make. Here are the ones you must watch out for.

Know your skin tone
Among the several lipstick mistakes we all make, not knowing your skin tone must be right on top. There are five kinds of skin tones- fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. Always keep in mind your skin tone before you go shopping for lipsticks or any cosmetic products. For instance, for those with a deep skin tone, brown and purple shades are most recommended.

Know the shape of your lips
The shape of your lips matters when it comes to picking the right shade. For instance, if you have top-heavy lips, pick a bright lipstick for the bottom lip and go for a slightly darker shade (of the same color) on the top. Similarly, for thin lips, it is recommended that you stick with creamy lipsticks and glosses. You must try and avoid flashy and dark colors.

Match your lipstick to the eye color
This is surely one of the several lipstick mistakes we all make. It is important to consider the color of your eye before you go around picking lipsticks. Blue eyes? Try working with cherry or scarlet colors that will enhance the look. On the other hand, if you have brown eyes, go for bright reds, browns, or light pinks.

Prime your lips
One of the several lipstick mistakes we all make is to avoid moisturizing your lips. Always prime your lips with a good lip balm that helps in smoothing fine lines. Also, it will help your lip color to stay for long hours. If your lips are dry, apply a lip balm about 15 minutes before you apply your lipstick.

Set your lips for longevity
We appreciate the longevity of lipsticks, and one of the oldest tricks to help your lipstick stay longer is to use a tissue paper on your lipstick as you dab on some translucent powder. The fine powder will lock it in and ensure it sets. On the other hand, you can use a top coat or a makeup setter.

Go easy on the coats
Do you tend to apply and reapply your lipstick? You are probably not alone in this one. It is surely is one of the several lipstick mistakes we all make. Do not overapply, instead use the tip provided above. Blot with a tissue and set.

As you step out for a day of fun and frolic, use these simple but smart tricks to let your lips do all the talking.