Vacations are always fun. You can make them extra special if you take your pets with you. In the country, there are so many places where you can take your dogs and cats for an amazing vacation that you will remember for years to come. Here are some of the most popular pet-friendly vacation packages you should consider.

Asheville Drive Packages, North Carolina
Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville is a stretch of road that is amazing for its views and scenery. There are several packages that offer a short trip through this scenic road helping you enjoy nature, wildlife, and the views. These packages also include different hiking trails suitable for both pets and their owners. Some of the packages also offer photography sessions on the way.

Florida Beach Packages
Florida is one of the most enjoyable and most popular pet-friendly vacation packages that pet owners flock to book. When you book the vacation as a package, you get to stay in amazing luxury cottages that allow pets to roam around freely. There are a lot of off-leash beaches all around Florida and these resorts also offer pet-friendly food, not requiring you to pack food for your dogs and cats. Kayak rides are available for pets and their owners too.

Bimini, Bahamas All-inclusive Packages
Looking to spend an amazing time on the beach with your pets? Then one of the most popular pet-friendly vacation packages you should consider is the resorts around Bimini, Bahamas. These resorts offer all-inclusive packages for guests that include stay, food, pet food, and water sport activities. Board a glass-bottom boat with your pet to enjoy the water and marine life thoroughly.

Relaxing Vacation Packages in Sedona, Arizona
Do you just want to laze around and do nothing much on your vacation? Then the relaxing resort packages offered in Sedona in Arizona are perfect for you. The resorts here are completely pet-friendly and have pet-accessible swimming pools too. The rooms open onto an outdoor space, a pet yard that is fenced. In addition to offering all kinds of pet foods, you can take jeep tours with your dogs and cats at the resorts here.

Shopping and Adventure Packages in NYC
New York is a magical city to travel to, especially if you love shopping. These New York vacation packages include a stay in a pet-friendly luxury hotel and offer pet taxis that can take you to top shopping destinations around the city. Meals and rides in the city are included in these packages.

You can enjoy all these most popular pet-friendly vacation packages around the country with your family and your pets and have a whale of a time. Do make sure you call up the resorts and hotels in advance to find out what kind of support you get for your pets.