Have you been day-dreaming about your vacation ahead? It can be even more exciting and fun-filled if you take your pets along. However, if you do decide to take your pet along, you must check the pet policies of different hotels. It is important that you review the hotel requirements for pet owners. Once you have finalized on your pet-friendly hotel, there are some pet-friendly hotel rules you must know before checking in.

Double Check Hotel Policies
While you book your stay at your chosen pet-friendly hotel, also ensure to call and confirm if their website information is up to date. Several hotels have change in management, ownership and rules. In such scenarios, hotels fail to update their polices. Double checking will save you from unwanted embarrassment.

Check the Hotel’s Pet Requirements
One of the most important pet-friendly hotel rules you must know is to check their criteria for allowing pets. Most hotels have some basic requirements like vaccination record, hygiene, toilet trained, and free of fleas. Ensure that your pet fits all these criteria before checking into the hotel.

Check for Pet Fees and/or Deposits
Many hotels charge a pet fee or pet deposit to allow your pet stay in the hotel. It may be a wise idea to call up the hotel authorities and check if there is a pet fee or deposit you need to pay. Being aware of the pet charges will prevent any surprises before checking in.

Know Your Pet’s Behavior
Knowing your dog’s behavior is one of the main pet-friendly hotel rules you must know. You must ensure that your dog’s behavior does not annoy the hotel authorities as well as other guests. If your pet tends to bark or howl at unknown people, you can consider asking the hotel authorities to book you a room on a higher room. If your pet gets nervous in elevators, you can book a room on the lower floor and use the stairs instead.

Check for Pet Sitters
You can’t possibly take your dog to every tourist spot you go. There may be instances where you may have to lock them up in your hotel room. Check if your hotels have policies to allow pets to be locked up alone in room. If your hotel doesn’t allow pets to be alone, you can ask if they have pet sitters or walkers to keep your pet engaged. Some hotels also have special services for pets like groomers and spas.

Listed above are some of the pet-friendly hotels rules you must know before taking them out for a vacation. It is important to keep in mind that just because the hotel allows pet, it need not be necessarily a pet-friendly establishment. Check out all the possible options at the hotel to keep your pet safe and comfortable during your stay there.