HBO Max is an entertainment platform that is committed to dishing out excellent shows that are sure to keep you hooked and entertained. Watching these exciting series on the platform is one of the best ways to enjoy and relax with friends and family. If you are looking for some of the most popular binge-worthy shows on HBO Max, here, we bring you a well-curated list that will keep you thoroughly engrossed.

  • Love Life
    It is a show created by Sam Boyd. The stellar cast includes Peter Vack, Zoe Chao, Anna Kendrick, Lesley Manville, and Sasha Compere. Watching Anna Kendrick in this show is like an absurd dream as she goes through dead-end relationships in this romantic-comedy anthology series. There is a new protagonist in every episode.
  • Legendary
    It is another of the most popular binge-worthy shows on HBO Max. Josh Greenburg and Jane Mun are the showrunners, and the cast is completed by judges DJ Mike Q, MC Dashaun Wesley, Jameela Jamil, and Law Roach, plus the contestants. It is a reality competition series where “houses” are pitted against each other to win the coveted title of the “Superior House.”
  • Barry
    Alec Berg and Bill Hader created this show, and the cast includes Sarah Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Bill Hader, Anthony Carrigan, and Stephan Root. This series is about a hitman who decides to quit his job and start a new journey working as an actor. He starts taking up acting classes from a semi-egoistical and washed up actor named Gene Cousineau. The series focuses on Hader’s life and how leaving the job working as a hitman is easier said than done. It is an amazing series worth watching on a binge.
  • Bored to Death
    Created by Jonathan Ames, this series gives a comic take on classic private detective tropes. Jason Schwartzman stars as a struggling fictional writer, who kills time by pretending to be a private detective using methods he knows about from old detective novels. The show has a certain vibe to it that keeps the audiences hooked, and shows us in several ways how boyhood dreams might never really change and neither do its dreamers.
  • Carnivale
    This show was created by Daniel Knauf. It is a period drama that kept viewers entertained for a long time. In this, the creators maintained a degree of curiosity as you wait to see what happens next. All the actors have done a remarkable job and the storyline is quite interesting. It is set in the 1930s era and is focused on a traveling show populated by outsiders in a society that isn’t friendly. It has a supernatural storyline where the fight between good and evil is shown, along with apocalyptic repercussions.

All these shows on HBO Max are worth following. If you are new to this platform, you must check out this list of popular binge-worthy shows on HBO Max, among others and embark on a journey to unadulterated fun.