Diabetes is fast becoming a common health issue, and it also elevates the risk of other health issues. The disease needs to be managed effectively to ensure that it does not cause harm to any organs, and incorporating certain dietary changes and adding snacks that are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Here are a few common snacks that are diabetes-friendly:

  • Boiled eggs
    Boiled eggs are one of the best and most common snacks that are diabetes-friendly. Eggs are rich in protein, and one egg provides 6 gms of proteins, which helps control blood sugar levels and prevents them from spiking. Eggs also make a person feel full for longer, which is important when it comes to managing type 2 diabetes. Since diabetics can develop heart disease and become overweight, overeating should be avoided, and eggs help them do just that!
  • Berries with yogurt
    Another diabetes-friendly snack that helps control blood sugar levels, it is tasty and full of antioxidants. Berries protect the cells in the pancreas and reduce inflammation, and the pancreas releases hormones that are responsible for lowering blood sugar levels. Yogurt, on the other hand, is rich in probiotics and boosts gut health and immunity.
  • Nuts
    The list of common snacks that are diabetes-friendly is incomplete without nuts. These are very convenient and nutritious snack options, even for road trips or just when one is on their way to work. Almonds provide for 32 percent of the daily recommended intake for manganese, 17 percent of riboflavin, and 19 percent of magnesium. They have also been found to control blood sugar levels to a great extent, and they lower insulin, the hormone that can make things worse for diabetics if it is consistently high.
  • Veggies and hummus
    Fresh veggies lightly tossed in olive oil paired with hummus, which is a creamy-textured dip made using chickpeas, is an amazing snack for diabetics. It is delicious and rich in nutrients, and both foods are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Hummus has high levels of protein, which help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Avocados
    Diabetics can also snack on avocados for blood sugar management. They are abundant sources of monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber, making for a perfect snack for diabetics. Many enjoy avocado dipped in guacamole for a delectable and healthy snack.
  • Peanut butter and apple slices
    The list of common snacks that are diabetes-friendly includes thin slices of apple paired with homemade peanut butter. Apples are packed with vitamins C and B, potassium, and many other nutrients required for the body, while peanut butter provides magnesium, vitamin E, and manganese. All these nutrients and minerals help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.