Both hybrid and electric cars are technological geniuses that come with magical benefits. Now, if you are considering as to hybrid or electric – which is better, you must analyze your specific requirements and then look at the pros and cons of each variety of vehicles, as discussed in detail here. The main difference is that while a hybrid car derives its power from conventional gasoline energy, an electric car gets its power from electrical sources only.

The pros of hybrid cars

  • Regenerative brakes
    This is the first significant benefit of hybrid cars, which can let you draw a partial conclusion as to hybrid or electric – which is better. The energy produced during braking is absorbed and directly fed to the battery. This somewhat increases the electric motor’s charge, resulting in less fuel consumption and the extended life of the brakes.
  • Less dependence on fuel
    Hybrid cars are super-efficient and can reduce an entire nation’s dependence on oil, which ensures that the prices of gasoline can also be kept under check.
  • Saving weight
    Hybrid cars promote weight savings because they are manufactured using lightweight materials. They weigh much less than their full-weight counterparts.

The cons of hybrid cars

  • Low in performance
    Hybrid cars are not the best performing vehicles because they are built for economy and not speed. Also, to save weight, they are deliberately not equipped with sport-tuned suspensions and other performance enhancements. This makes them low performing compared to their other counterparts.
  • Expensive
    Even though there’s not a huge gap for sure, hybrid cars are more expensive. Many buyers find this quite unacceptable when it comes to making a buying decision.
  • High maintenance
    Hybrid vehicles are not only more expensive but also high-maintenance. They cost more to repair, and several mechanics might not even know how to fix them properly.

The pros of electric cars

  • Good for the environment
    In a study of hybrid or electric – which is better, many will go with electric for this important reason. Electric Vehicles or EVs do not have an exhaust system, and they have zero emissions. A switch to an EV means a healthier planet with cleaner air.
  • Electricity is cheaper than gasoline
    When comparing an EV with a hybrid car, the former comes cheaper because electricity is less pricy then gasoline.
  • Reduced maintenance
    Maintaining an electric car is less expensive. Also, an EV requires less maintenance than a hybrid car or other.

The cons of electric cars

  • Shorter ranges
    Electric cars have a minimal range of 60 to 100 miles or a bit more for some models. This is a major drawback.
  • Initial large investment
    The initial investment is exorbitant. This is a disadvantageous buying factor for many.

So, the decision regarding hybrid or electric – which is better is not easy unless you consider all the above-mentioned pros and cons of each model. Also, the buying decision will largely be determined by the buyer’s preferences, requirements, and budget.